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Steel & Metal Applications
It takes very high thermal energy to convert iron ore, copper, aluminium and other metals into finished bars, tubes, sheets, etc.
Too much of this heat is dissipated as hot air, steam and flue gases. Large amount is also absorbed by equipment, buildings, quenching water, hardening oils, and other fluids. Cooling is very important in these processes.
Pulp & Paper Applications
Termotrans is offering very specific capacity and media requirements for many different processes to pulp & paper industry.

Generaly the medias contain fibres and solids which can be matched with our special phes Termotrans exchangers deliver the highest performance using high performance plates.

Chemical Applications
Variety of applications for heat exchangers is found in the chemical industry, these applications are requied the wide variety heat exchangers. Termotrans plate heat exchangers are capable of matching each application - from the cooling of acid or chloride from absorbers to applications involving chemicals, fibres, synthetic, polyols, isocyanate, aldehydes, etc.
Sugar Applications
Termotrans Plate heat exchangers are used in the sugar industry for  heating the thin juice before evaporation and to heat extraction syrups and water. 
To reduce the consumption of primary energy in most sugar factories has resulted in close temperature approaches. Termotrans plate heat exchangers are have high performance in these applications.
Industrial Applications
In Industrial applications, companies use a wide variety of processes and manufactured equipments that need heating/cooling. Controling the temperature is important at the process, that affect the working environment and the product quality. That's where Termotrans is offering a wide range of heat exchangers that fulfil almost every demand on plate materials and operating parameters.

Steel & Metal Industry
Oil & Gas Production Plants
Chemical Industry
Pulp & Paper Industry
Sugar Industry
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